Product of waste combustion in the incinerator the waste is non-hazardous granular structure, or simply ash. After neutralization of the resulting waste ash is unloaded manually with scraper containers for ash residue or automatically with the help of ash-handling systems.

Common components of ash waste are silicates, compounds of alkaline earth metals, chlorides, sulfates, heavy metals (e.g. As, Cd, Cu, Pb).  The main component is the mineral fraction.

The volume of ash residue after combustion is not more than 5 % of the weight of the loaded waste. However, there are types of waste with a high degree of ash content - up to 20 % or more.

The resulting ash residue can be used as an inert filler in the production of construction and road materials. When neutralization of waste with a high degree of ash content (more than 20%), the process of neutralization in incinerator plants of the GEYZER TM series is considered to be the utilization.