GEYZER LLC is one of the largest Russian manufacturers and suppliers of modern heating equipment with the GeyzerTM brand. When manufacturing heating equipment, our specialists use both proven technologies and innovative methods.

In the present day, our Company’s operating equipment has a power of more than five hundred megawatts in different countries.

By developing new markets, our Company has developed a new area of activity – the manufacture of garbage and hazardous waste burning equipment.

Thanks to the controlled burning and flue gas purification process, which eliminates the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere, solid domestic and industrial waste, oil and hazardous medical and biological waste can be completely neutralized in GeyzerTM waste incinerators.

The equipment has all the necessary documentation that confirms its high ecological efficiency.

The waste destruction in GeyzerTM incinerators both neutralizes hazardous wastes and allows reducing the waste volume many times. Ash created after burning is safe and can be transported to any landfill.

Our company is ready to provide a comprehensive solution to your waste disposal problem. We will select and manufacture the equipment for your enterprise, install it and train your personnel.

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