Geyzer provides a wide range of incinerators suitable for general and municipal waste. Our products are designed for Type I-V dangerous classes and for liquid or solid.

Medical waste is a growing problem all over the world. To prevent infections and other upcoming health risks for everyone who is getting in contact with medical disposal is the best way to incinerate it without polluting the atmosphere.

This kind of incinerators can be removed very easily, so they are extremely suitable for military and mining companies. The construction is built for a fast installation.

Not only general farm waste, but animal diseases, viruses and infections are danger of animal waste treatment.

Pharmaceuticals are shown in the ground and drinking water. This can be a potentially damaging for humans and animals.

Solid and sludge waste of the oil industry is a point, which cause a lot of damage for the oceans and animals, by sea and on the land. We have the perfect incinerators for it.

The food industry causes a lot of waste, which makes the products more expensive. We have a cost reducing solution for your company.

Tourism is a big business, with a lot of investments. Many resorts are now on island. To make your business more profitable you can reduce cost and protect the environment.