Mobile Inсinerations


 The GEYSER TM mobile incinerator is placed on car trailers so that it is a facility in itself and can be quickly deployed in any convenient place , and can be used for disposal:
- Hazardous biological waste.
- Medical waste (for example, waste after sterilization, waste after surgical operations, medicines, injection needles and other hospital and medical laboratory waste).
- Solid household waste (MSW) in remote cities or villages (military units or remote camps with low population density).
- Residues resulting from the sorting of solid waste in large landfills.
- Waste from airplanes, ships, trains.
GEYSER TM mobile installations have a crematorium, a chimney, a fuel system with a tank, an electric power system with an electric generator and an automatic control panel placed on the car trailer. The trailer is made in the form of a container chassis with a habitable compartment with a cooling system, a control panel, a compartment for the generator and a fuel tank and is located from the front wall of the container. Connections are made in fuel and electric power supply systems so that they are detachable and connected, burners of incinerators and devices.