How you can start a pet cremation business?


Starting a pet cremation business can be difficult in the beginning, if you don´t know the legislation or protocol. You need to fulfil the wishes of the clients and pay detailed attention for a respectful cremation process.


To select the right location is also a very important point. It should be a quiet place, outside of the city centre and give options to expand. The location is also a key factor to receive permission for this kind of business.  Because of this you should inform at the local authorities and ask them for advice how the situation is to receive the needed permits and licenses. Geyzer can help you to prepare all the documents to register your company. Also which oportunities are given to have a good business there. Marketing and advertisement consultants can help to start such a company, too. 


For the cremating of a small dog you will need less than one hour, for bigger cases up to two hours or more, as an example to cremate a horse or a cow.  For a case of about 70kg the out-coming ashes would weight about 2, 5 - 3 kg. The rest ashes are normally about 4 % of the input. As bigger the sizes of the cremator are, as more capabilities you have also for this business. If you are interested to cremate only doogs, you can use a smaller one. But if you want to cremate horses or cows, here you should ask for an expert of our company.


Contact GeyzerTM experts to receive more information about our cremation systems.